World’s Best Drone Motor Teardown – What brand can you count on?

By |October 27th, 2016|Motors, Product Review|

Choosing the world's best drone motor was no easy feat.  Over the last five years, hobby grade components and ready to fly solutions (RTF) originally targeted for fun have been forced to grow in scale to handle larger cameras. As platforms grew, demands for universal gimbals and precision stabilization became the priority. Once the Freefly Movi found [...]

DJI A3 Flight Controller Preview

By |April 28th, 2016|Flight Controller, Tech|

The A3 is DJI's new flagship flight controller announced at NAB 2016.  The A3 is the kind of tech that keeps me up at night and derails concentration during conversations with friends and family. A serious upgrade from anything currently available from any manufacturer, the A3 will become the flight controller of choice for cinematographers [...]

KDE Direct 7208XF

By |April 16th, 2016|Product Review|

Legend of Endurance When planning the build of the AerialPixels FX8 Pro Elite X8 I wanted to do something epic and amazing. The performance had to not only be spectacular, it needed to be drastically different than what we’ve built in the past. I contacted Patrick from KDE Direct and after [...]

Aerial Pixels Joystick for Ronin and Movi Gimbals

By |April 16th, 2016|Product Review|

The value of a three axis gimbal for capturing Hollywood cinematic footage is undisputed. The genius minds at Aerial Pixels are world leaders in this industry and cater to the most discerning and demanding clients. Pioneers in their own right, they’ve been on the cutting edge of gimbal design and [...]

DJI Inspire 1

By |April 16th, 2016|Product Review|

There is no shortage of innovation at DJI and the new Inspire can only be described as revolutionary. While many multirotors look similar and use common parts and accessories that are readily available, the Inspire is a radical departure from everything previously possible or available. With so many advancements and ground breaking technological capabilities, [...]

Aerial Pixels FX8 Pro Elite

By |April 16th, 2016|Product Review|

Aerialpixels FX8 Pro Elite Review In the multirotor industry there is no shortage of inspiring innovation. While some companies hurry to follow the leader, others blaze their own way. Professionals worldwide trust AerialPixels for gear that works under brutal conditions and as the motors and payloads continue to get larger, an [...]

DJI X5 Camera

By |April 16th, 2016|Product Review|

DRONES MAGAZINE ISSUE # TITLE: DJI X5 Subtitle: The Perfect Aerial Solution? By Joe Papa Photos by Erika Sievert Manufacturer: DJI Distributor: Empire RC Type: Mirrorless 3 axis Camera For: DJI Inspire 1 / Matrice Price: $1699 without lens / $2199 with 15mm Specs: Zenmuse X5 Zenmuse X5R General Dimensions 120mm (W) x 135mm [...]

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