Choosing the world’s best drone motor was no easy feat.  Over the last five years, hobby grade components and ready to fly solutions (RTF) originally targeted for fun have been forced to grow in scale to handle larger cameras. As platforms grew, demands for universal gimbals and precision stabilization became the priority. Once the Freefly Movi found it’s place under the first heavy lift octocopter, the cinema industry set its hooks into the technology and adopted it as a tool. This revolution sent ripples through the world and countless other industries jumped on the wagon in hopes of prospering. While new models continue to flood the market,  flight controller autopilot features, software apps and refined user interfaces are taking the top priority to improve capabilities and attract those with little or no experience. In the wake of unprecedented consumer demand and record profits,  quality and reliability have been skillfully slid to the back burner. Early adopters often sit frustrated waiting for fixes via firmware as problems arise.

It’s unfortunate that so many of us operate commercial drones with little to zero knowledge about the quality and reliability of the components. While the original goal of these videos was to simply crown the winner for best propulsion system, the teardown uncovered so many startling differences that we had to break the review down into a multi-part video series. Even if you’re not interested in piloting a drone, these videos will strip away the mysteries behind brushless motors and equip you with an unfair advantage when choosing your next set of outrunners.

In this four part video series, motors from DJI, T-Motor and KDE Direct are disassembled and compared. While most consumers purchase motors based on performance specs, quality isn’t always reflected in these numbers. Motors life and performance is destroyed by heat, debris and vibration.  To judge the true reliability, durability and potential lifespan of a motor, we need to look far deeper. Despite 6 weeks of research and study the results uncovered in these short videos are nothing short of shocking.

• Part 1:

• Part 2:

• Part 3:

• Part 4: